En supprimant un peu tout (notamment pour ne pas faire peser plus mon impact numérique pour des articles que plus personne ne lit) je retrouve cette page datant de 2007… et réalise que plus de 10 ans après on en est toujours au même point  :’(

(et que déjà en 2007 ça n’avait rien de nouveau non plus :-/ )


Nothing new in here, unfortunately. But we can turn the tide if we try together! Little things everyday can make big changes in the end if we’re all not only aware but involved!

The picture and piece or article (dated 2004) here under are extracted from the ESA (European Space Agency) website www.esa.int


Climate change

Our climate is undergoing change more rapid than at any other point since the end of the last ice age, 10000 years ago. The extent remains uncertain but its direction is clear: the world is heating up, and it appears to be due to our actions.

Global heat blanket

Human activities are rapidly altering the make-up of our atmosphere and in doing so are warming it up. The atmosphere works like a blanket around the rocky Earth, trapping solar heat that would otherwise be radiated straight back out to space. By doing so, it increases the surface temperature from a chilly -18º C to a balmy +15º C, and makes life on Earth possible. But by mass burning of fossil fuels and biomass, humanity is increasing the proportion of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases found in the atmosphere. Going by scientists’ current best models, the average global temperature could increase by anything from 1.5 to 5º C plus by the century’s end. The full consequences of this temperature shift for the dynamic system that is our climate can currently only be guessed at.

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